Payment of Fees

Payment of Fees

Participation fees are collected monthly by standing order unless an alternative arrangement has been agreed with the Office Manager.

Failure to pay fees may result in suspension of training until the account is brought up to date.

Gymnasts with fees more than one month in arrears will be contacted and asked to bring their fees up to date, but if this is not done within 14 days the club reserves the right to withdraw training.

Difficulties paying fees should be discussed in the first instance with the Office Manager.

Any gymnast wishing to leave the club is required to give one month’s written notice, e-mail is acceptable. This is to give the club the chance to fill that space and keep fees at an affordable level for all.


The Club’s payment date for insurances required is Oct 1st of each year.

Payment ‘MUST’ be made for all members before the 15th September each year.

Failure to make insurance payments on time necessarily result in gymnasts being omitted from classes