Parents’ Agreement

Parents’ Agreement

It is our aim as a gymnastics club to create a safe environment, to give all gymnasts attending the club a fulfilling and enjoyable gymnastic experience, to strive to provide the opportunity for members to achieve their gymnastic potential and to improve the physical well being, posture, co-ordination, concentration and confidence of all participants.

Parents should encourage their children to value their own performance and not the result.

Never force the children to take part if they are reluctant but do support their efforts to improve and to learn from the gymnastic experience. Set them a good example by recognising sportsmanship and applauding good performance.

Gymnasts are expected to arrive on time for training and competitions and to inform their coach or ring the Club if they are going to be late or absent. Gymnasts should also inform their coaches before training commences if they are injured or unwell.

Suitable clothing must be worn to all training sessions and long hair must be tied back
tidily. All jewellery must be removed before training.

Parents should not attempt to communicate with their children from the balcony or make
any noise which might interrupt the training session. Young children are expected to be closely supervised in the gallery area and should not cause a distraction to the gymnasts and coaches.

Mobile phones are not to be used in the gallery area/ Mobile phones should be switched to silent in the gallery area.

Smoking is not allowed within the building.

If a parent wishes to photograph or video their child they must contact the manager or senior coach who will issue them with the British Gymnastics guidelines and ask them to sign the photographic permission form.

The Club adopts an ‘open door’ policy and it is the responsibility of all to make sure that policy is not abused. Please challenge anyone who you believe is behaving inappropriately or report your concerns to one of the coaches.

Parents are expected to supervise their children in the changing rooms before and after training as coaches are not allowed in the changing area.

Parents should collect children on time and endeavour to inform the Club well in advance of any problems. Parents should make coaches aware if someone different will be collecting their child on any occasion. If there is any reason why only they should collect their child they should make specific arrangements with the Club.

Fees, competition fees, insurance should be paid within two weeks of the start of term. Failure to pay promptly may negate the insurance. Payment problems should be discussed with the Secretary.

Please share any concerns or complaints about any aspect of the Club by speaking to the appropriate individual or by making a formal complaint through the approved channels.