Coaches’ Agreement

Coaches’ Agreement

It is our aim as a gymnastics club to create a safe environment, to give all gymnasts attending the club a fulfilling and enjoyable gymnastic experience, to strive to provide the opportunity for members to achieve their gymnastic potential and to improve the physical well being, posture, co-ordination, concentration and confidence of all participants.

All participants are deserving of equal respect and dignity and their safety and welfare is of the highest importance at all times.

Coaches should promote the positive aspects of the sport and encourage each gymnast to value their performance not the result.

Coaches will try to ensure that best coaching practice guidelines are adhered to at all times and that activities are appropriate to the age, ability, experience and fitness of each gymnast on that particular day. Coaches should not try to exceed the level of their own competence or qualifications.

Before being allowed to work with the young people at the Club, coaches agree to sign a declaration of past convictions and to agree to Disclosure and Barring Service clearance. They will also provide evidence of their Coaching and/or First Aid qualifications and other relevant documents such as Driving Licence etc.

Coaches should also read and agree to abide by British Gymnastics Code of Ethics and Conduct and Child Protection Policy.

Coaches should be aware that the Club is an ‘open’ gym and that all actions should, as far as possible, be clear and unambiguous. Their behaviour and language, towards and in the presence of the gymnasts in their care, should follow the high standards of the Club.

Coaches should never tolerate or ignore bullying or inappropriate language or behaviour.

Coaches should not let allegations of bullying or abuse made by a child go without being acted upon. Anything of concern which you hear, or are told, must be reported to the Head Coach or Welfare Officer as soon as possible.

Never promise a child or young person that you will keep the matter secret.

Coaches should avoid situations where they are alone with a child or young person particularly on a regular basis. If this is unavoidable make sure that the Head Coach and/or the young persons parents are aware.

Coaches should make a written record of any incident, accident or concern and any
subsequent action taken.