Use of Photographic Equipment Policy

Use of Photographic Equipment Policy

It is our aim as a gymnastics club to create a safe environment, to give all gymnasts attending the club a fulfilling and enjoyable gymnastic experience, to strive to provide the opportunity for members to achieve their gymnastic potential and to improve the physical well being, posture, co-ordination, concentration and confidence of all participants.

Photography by parents or carers during training and events, photographs may be taken by coaches or parents to enhance training (review with the gymnast), to capture images for marketing / promotional purposes for the club or for family memorabilia / memories (Although at all times we request photographic activity is kept to a minimum, that we are advised of the intent to take photos prior to any activity of this nature, out of courtesy, and that no ‘Flash’ photography is taken while the gymnasts are training or performing).

We encourage all active participation / support from parents and will utilize technology where required to enhance the gymnasts training and benefit the promotion of the club. However we do and will give full consideration to the purpose and use of such images and request any such images not captured by an official club designated photographer are not published physically or electronically in accordance with the guidance from British Gymnastics on the use of photographic equipment at the club / events. (Full details available from the BG website and within their ‘Safeguarding and Protecting Children Policy’ also available on line as a .PDF).

All rules surrounding photography includes the use of mobile phones when used as a camera and the use of video or any other recorder.

Photographic equipment including mobile phones is completely banned in the changing and toilet areas.

Mandatory restrictions will be displayed in all public areas (where authority to post in shared facilities is given and in all and any independent facilities).

It is the Gymnast / Parent / Guardians responsibility to ‘Opt Out’ if they do not want their child photographed. We ask that all parents / guardians capturing digital or film based imagery observe the sensitivities of others and stop their photography activities if it causes concern for the children, other parents or guardians.

Concerns regarding inappropriate photography should be reported through the Club’s Complaints procedures.

Competitions held on the Club premises will conform to British Gymnastics procedures.

Photography by the Club

The Club will ensure that all parents are given the opportunity to withhold permission to publish photographic images of their child. This will be in the form of either a photographic permission request on the Club membership form or by a general Club photographic permission form. Any child whose parent withholds photographic permission should not be made to feel excluded by this decision.

Gymnasts over the age of 16 will be asked for their own permission instead of their parent or carer.

The Club will check that permission has been given to publish photographic images of each gymnast either in writing or implicitly (that is by not opting out).

When publishing photographs of gymnasts the Club will:

a) Use discretion when choosing the shot to reduce the risk of it being used inappropriately,

b) Apply an increased level of consideration to images which appear on the website as they’re more susceptible to being manipulated.

c) In general avoid the using the child’s name or other personal details with the photograph as this may enable an individual to develop an inappropriate relationship with the gymnast by appearing to know them personally.

d) Check with the competitive gymnasts and their parents/carers/guardians that photographs and the details being released to the press are acceptable to them.

External Photographers

The Club may invite external photographers such as press photographers or other professional photographers on to the premises to record the Clubs activities.

In this case the Club will ensure that:

a) Photographers are briefed as to what is expected of them in terms of photographic content and behaviour.

b) Issue the photographer with identification which should be worn at all times.

c) Inform parents and gymnasts that the photographer will be present and that they should let the Head Coach know if they do not consent to being photographed.

d) Unsupervised access to the gymnasts or one to one photo sessions either on or off the premises are not allowed.

e) Passwords allowing access to websites containing the images are only released to bona fide individuals in accordance with Data protection restrictions